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Time to say hello..

Hi, we are Dawn Interiors, and we wanted to start a blog that allows us to introduce ourselves to you all. This Blog will really be about what inspires us, what makes us love what we do and advice that can make you more confident in choosing the perfect interiors for your home.

We are big supporters of local business, bespoke and unique. However, we are realistic and all know that the odd item from Sainsbury's can make all the difference and definitely cheer up that boring weekly food shop. Home is where we should all be happiest; it's where families share those never forgotten memories, where disasters happen in the kitchen and those fun wallpaper choices become all you talk about for 3 months. But that's the best part about a home, it is what you want it to be. We at Dawn Interiors believe that we should be proud of our homes, it is the hub of lives and we should want to show it off.

This is why we ended up in in this business, it's a trade that we know like the back of our

hands. We have made handmade curtains and blinds for 25 years and have loved every second of it, from our experiences, courses and interior shows we have learnt to expand our

knowledge into so much more. We are also now proud to have our own shop. This has been the highlight of our year, and now we are ready to share so much more with you.

We hope you enjoy our blog, learn from it and maybe laugh every now and again. As we bring you stories from our experiences and share with you our favorite pieces, fabrics etc.

Love always

Dawn interiors


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