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Sunday's at the Seaside (Working of Course)

Working on Sundays is never the most desirable thought, especially in the middle of January. However, bills must be paid and sometimes the measures we go out on are just not that nearby which would mean the shop would have to be shut all day, again hindering business.

So this very frosty and cold January Sunday me and Bronwyn took a trip to the beautiful Suffolk coast. Wrapped up from head to toe in hats, gloves and scarves, we walked along the beach to get a feel for the place, the houses and stretch our legs after being in the car for a while. We both know the Suffolk coast and have holidayed down there on a few occasions but each coastal town has its own personality which can affect the interiors of a property.

From the outside the property we were visiting maybe not the prettiest, but doesn’t the saying go, ‘It is what's on the inside that counts’ and my goodness this property did not disappoint. With stunning views that allowed you to look out with an uninterrupted view of the sea and beach even on a stormy day the view would never disenchant.

So the next and major decision and the reason for our visit, what can go at the windows that will not disturb the view but will be the finishing pieces of each room. So as always there’s the blind or curtain debate occurred. Having looked at the windows, the current interior and keeping the client in mind we measured the windows, and both concluded that voiles would be beautiful finishing touch to the master bedroom that has one window overlooking the beach and french doors that lead out onto a balcony. Then after some consideration we decided that lightweight roller blinds would be the perfect accompaniment to the living room and kitchen for many reasons. Grey's are the perfect colour they accompany to the properties interiors and are a colour that can blend away and make a statement at the same time. The grey will not draw your eyes away from the beautiful backdrop outside the window and will blend into the interiors aesthetics with ease creating a contemporary and finished look.

Measurements taken colours, fabrics and blinds discussed it was time to have another wander around the very beautiful and quaint seaside town with its quirky personality and stunning properties we both decided that it would be somewhat rude to not try out the fish and chip shop, legs swinging on the sea wall, seagulls swooping and the sea crashing against the shore, we both decided that maybe working some Sundays is not so bad.

Love always Dawn x

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