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Bespoke? Handmade? Hand Stitched? What do these words mean and what is it we do at Dawn Interiors?

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Bespoke? Handmade? Hand Stitched? What do these words mean and what is it we do at Dawn Interiors?

Bespoke is a word that is well known in the tailoring industry, it has always referred to Savile Row and hand tailored suits. So how does it fit into interiors? Well I have always used bespoke in my business as the curtains and blinds I make are bespoke for every client. However, I have recently become more aware that it is a word that is too often thrown around by people and it has very little meaning.

So I wanted to write something for everyone to read that highlights what I actually do and what bespoke means at Dawn Interiors.

I have been working in the industry for a long time and have seen the development of the curtain and interiors industry be affected by the internet and sewing machines. The internet has allowed for cheaper options to be available, now don't get me wrong I love a bargain but as we are all aware, that doesn’t mean that we are getting a quality bargain, I cannot count the amount of times I have thought I was getting a good deal, but that top has turned up with twisted seams and is unironable.

The same works in the curtain industry, you can buy something that you think is a perfect deal but it doesn't hang right, or it arrives all screwed up and you cannot press those creases out for the life of you. They have been made on a machine (which there is nothing wrong with) at 100 miles an hour and have been packaged up for you in a very quick manner.

This is where Dawn Interiors is different, and proudly so. I spend a significant amount of time with each client learning what they want, ensuring that every measurement is correct and that the fabrics are an exact match to what they visualize for their home. After much discussion to ensure that the client is completely happy with the plan, fabrics are ordered and the making process begins. Each piece of fabric is cut to length and measured to ensure that the patterns correspond we exactly, then the hand sewing begins. Every stitch from the hem, seam and pleat is put in by hand. Needles are threaded again and again, pins are placed and every corner and crease is pressed in to ensure the very best look once hanging. Once all lovingly stitched together, they are hung by either myself or my fitter to ensure that firstly you don't have to stress in any way and that they are dressed in as beautifully as possible. Then together the client and I make sure everything is perfect, this is all a service that I provide and pride my business on. The time spent on each project is worth it because I care and because every project requires the utmost attention to detail, I do truly believe that good things come to those who wait.

So when I use the word bespoke I mean, genuinely hand stitched curtains, a very personal and in touch service with the client and beautiful, high quality work that makes that home complete and special because as we all know that's where we should be happiest, and ghastly curtains are not a happy sight.

Love Dawn x

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