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Decorex International

an interior designers dream day out.


Having been in the beautiful world of interiors for many years, we decided that it was time to visit Decorex International again. We always have enjoyed our days there and wanted to go again after a couple of years of not being able to make it. There’s just such an fun energy at shows like Decorex, and every time we walk into a show like it we get an excited feeling, like when a restaurant serves you your food, because you know you are going to have a fantastic experience.

Decorex is set at the beautiful location of Syon Park and House, which if you have never visited you should go and see it as it is beautiful. When walking into Decorex you are quickly overwhelmed with colours, patterns and inspiration it’s very hard to even know which way to turn your head. So after a quick regrouping we managed to set out in a direction, and just found some of the prettiest things from flooring, rugs and door knobs it was all just stunning. The key reason we went was obviously for inspiration but also for some exciting new fabrics that we were wanting to sign up with (sorry that’s our little secret for now) which we did and were in awe at some of the trends that are coming over the next years worth's of collections.

One we can tell you about for certain is Villa Nova’s new picture book, it is a children's collection and it just fantastic. It moves away from the stereotypical fairies and footballs that everyone is bored of seeing and brings new life to the children’s bedroom. There are matching rugs and all sorts of accessories that we are very excited about.

Champagne at Decorex

We also learnt that the best place for the a nice glass of champagne here and there is Decorex.

We collected samples and all sorts of wonderful things, (forgetting that we would have to carry it all home) but having come back to work we are now very excited with all the new inspiration that we can pass onto to you. Autumn is truly on the way now bringing the cosy nights by the fire and layers not only in a wardrobe but in the home as well, with blankets and snugs becoming the centerpieces of our interiors. We are going to piece together our Autumnal Inspirations and bring you a very exciting blog on how and where to bring the Autumnal feeling inside.


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