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Hand made and bespoke for your home.


Curtains are often the last piece in a finished room or house, however that doesn't mean they should be forgotten about. The curtain is what finishes the room - the cherry on top of the cake as it were. We want to help you by ensuring that every single part of the room looks stunning and well finished. We are pleased to offer many different styles to ensure that what you have imagined for your room comes to life.


❉ Eyelet Curtains

❉ Pinch Pleat Curtains

❉ Goblet Pleat Curtains

❉ Wave Curtains

❉ Cartridge Pleat Curtains 

❉ Heading Tape Curtains 

❉ Interlined Curtains

❉ Black Out Lined Curtains

❉ Lined Curtains

❉ Puddle Curtains

❉ Swags and Tails

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